I'm a painter of an old abstract art.

Marijan Novak Slunjski, 1962, after getting a degree in art education at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, he continued his studies in Rome with painter Piero Pizzi Canelli and in Venice with master Emilo Vedova. On his artistic path he has met established artists and teachers, but above all he learned about art and explored it by visiting the world's galleries, reading academic literature, fiction, poetry and art magazines, and by continuously observing and studying everything in depth. Thus he has developed his own style, which is not dictated by trends, but by his mission that materializes in the moment when the painter touches the canvas.

Since 1988 he has been exhibiting regularly; he has participated in numerous group exhibitions, art colonies and performances. His paintings are in permanent collections in Slovenia and abroad. For his work he has received numerous awards and commendations.

Novak builds a personal, independent expression. His paintings are multilayered. He mainly uses acrylic paints, various mixed techniques and collages. Apart from paints he uses unconventional painting material such as plaster, sand, pieces of canvas or similar fabric, burned paper, corrugated paper, coffee, sugar and other.

The today´s specificity of art is not much about to assume upon itself an expressive engagement of certain thematics or contents, but rather to elaborate a language that speaks with strong personality.

The communicative provocation of Marijan Novak Slunjski is so strong and so characterized to justify and to comprise the reasons of the contemporary art. His »pictures« suprise above all for that strong chromatism, for that particular compositive stroke, which »assoults« the base space as to wanting to redefine it through the use of the primary colours: the blue, the red and the yellow.

Although he has a discreet curriculum and meaningful artistic experience, i belive, Marijan has always remained faithful to his intimate vision, that the new works, which are presented in this exhibition, reveal only a matamorphosis of a more emphasized colouristic digging and the »images« become pure expressions of colour and light. In his art work the light is not only a physical light, a luminous, external tracing, but also the expression of a light, an inner shaking that illuminates all the intution, the poetical idea. He constructs his work, starting from the idea of the appearances of a sensible interior world, according to which the dominant colour articulates itself arithmetically in accordance with the compositive norms, dictated by the balance of the personality humours, by the scraps existing in between the several tones and the various hues. As to wanting to say that all that one has lived tinges itself with continual and variegated accents, among the essential needs and necessities to understand the convulse every day of the existence.

For the artist the colour expresses both, the emotion that determines the sense of the art-work as well as the trace of an intution which is the original idea, a sing and the final significance. Notwithstanding the always expressed emotional values in the art of Marijan Novak Slunjski, its pictorical work is also fruit of a determined mental process and a meticulous, calibrated use of colour as matter for reflection in perennial ferment, that explodes and implodes according to the frame of mind of the primary idea.

Like every good work of art, it demands from us much emotional effort and the intellectual richness to pick up from his ideas his subtle »iconographic« expression; in order to breathe the pleasure of his palette, stretched in the attempt to express the trascendence of the light and the pure disharmony of the cromatic voice.

In his works Marijan Novak Slunjski searches the accentuated tonal relations, syllabised by a learned spacing of the colour, so that the solid structure and the planning of every work of his confer to the elaborative processes a musical rhytm and a poetical colouring. There is nothing sentimental in his paintings and the most daring compositive problems connected with the creation are resolved with the ability of an old maestro of the abstract and informal art.

His style immediately characterizes through a range of tones and colours whose synthesis shows a depth of original and unmistakable perspectives. The life in these pictorical representation is a peremptory and ambiguous digging so as if it wanted to accompany us somewhere far away or to capture us from an ancient past, from a volcanic dimension, made of constant mixings, recalled to the memory in their incredible absoluteness.

So, the merit of Marijan is to accompany and to act as intermediary in these misterious territories. His limit, perhaps, is to leave us alone with our anguish, without showing us the way out. The task of the artistis percisely in this dichotomy. The authentic artist who doesn´t pretend to be an artist, who isn´t ingratiating himself with us just so as to please.

An artist who puts questions and doesn´t expect the echo in order to be astonished and to astonish.

 Art critique Dr. Pino Bonanno, Roma