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» Un' arte istintiva che interpretavo senza bisogno dei consigli degli altri ... «
» Slikarstvo je velika sreča in užitek podoben ... «
» It's the best not to know the painter ... «
» Today, when he is a visual artist as well, he wants to be different, unique. He is still a genuine explorative spirit who studies the issue at hand in depth. Novak builds a personal, independent expression. He took a walk through all periods of art history, discovering the importance of the line, the role of colour, sense of composition and many other laws of painting. Finally he entered the sphere of abstraction and found there his own artistic language, which always allows him to speak about a concrete reality. But the artist's vision, experience, thought or memory, all of that freed itself from the bonds of mimesis and turned into non-objective art. Deviation from reality in fact signifies an entry into the author's personal, intimate depths. « Anamarija Stibilj Šajn, art historian and art critic
» Nikada se zapitali nismo, da možda crna boja nije samo simbol smrti več i isitine ... «
» The informational provocation of Marijan Novak Slunjski is so powerful and so typical that it enables the explanation and understanding of the basic principles of contemporary art. His “paintings” surprise mostly because of their intense colourfulness, which “conquers” the base space as if wanting to redefine it through the use of the primary colours: blue, red and yellow. In his work the artist seeks the accentuated tonal relations, arching rhythmically across illuminated spaciousness of the colour, so that the solid structure and the planning of his every work confer to the elaborate process a certain musical rhythm and poetic colourfulness. There is nothing sentimental in his paintings and even the most daring composition problems related to artmaking are resolved with the ability of an old maestro of the abstract and informal art.   « Art critique Dr. Pino Bonanno
» His style immediately characterizes through a range of tones and colours whose synthesis shows a depth of original and unmistakable perspectives. The life in these pictorical representation is a peremptory and ambiguous digging so as if it wanted to accompany us somewhere far away or to capture us from an ancient past, from a volcanic dimension, made of constant mixings, recalled to the memory in their incredible absoluteness. So, the merit of Marijan is to accompany and to act as intermediary in these misterious territories. His limit, perhaps, is to leave us alone with our anguish, without showing us the way out. The task of the artistis percisely in this dichotomy. The authentic artist who doesn´t pretend to be an artist, who isn´t ingratiating himself with us just so as to please. An artist who puts questions and doesn´t expect the echo in order to be astonished and to astonish. « Art critique Dr. Pino Bonanno
» Trudim se da ne razmišljam. To je najteži dio ove igre. «
» Mogao sam ja slikati do kraja života slike koje će lijepo izgledati, ali nisam li ja neki drugačiji slikar ... «
» This exhibition represents one of the most edgy painters. I stress edgy – he is such in many ways: because he is different, progressive,  powerful in expression and colour, unique when it comes to getting ahead of his time, even avant-garde in his own way. At the same time he remains faithful to his inner voice and mission. To put it sort of classically, we could say that he is one of the most temperamental artists who in their own way revive the spirit of the abstract, colour expressionism, upgraded on a purely individual basis.   « Polona Skodič, art historian and art critic
» Tutti parlano, solo gli artisti non hanno piu parole ... «

I'm a painter of an old abstract art ...

Painter Marijan Novak Slunjski paves his artistic path with the exploration of art and his own dreams, and so builds a personal, independent expression, away from the traditional frames. He does not identifie himself with any generation and believes in the spell moves on canvas, being self in studio.
His paintings are in permanent collections in Slovenia and abroad. For his work he has received numerous awards and commendations.

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